• Cafe OUGIYA
  • Take a break with sea breeze while waiting for the ferry.

    Our café located in ferry terminal at “Miyaura Port”, the gateway to Naoshima.
    We offer light meals, ice cream, and drink.
    You can enjoy it while gazing out at the island sea.
    And you can also bring it on the ferry.
    We look forward to welcoming you.



  • Cafe OGIYA
  • Cafe OGIYA Please buy your ticket from a ticket machine.
    The ticket machine is multilingual supported.(English, Chinese and Korean)



Some products cannot be offer depending on the season.

  • Premium Soft-serve Ice Cream Premium Soft-serve Ice Cream
    Cremia 550yen

    Rich tasty cream with special cone.
    It’s like premium sweets.
  • CafeOUGIYA:Cremia soft serve ice cream
  • カフェおうぎや:地ビール
  • Local curry rice in Kagawa prefecture
    ・ Olive beef curry rice (950 yen)
    ・ Olive pork pork curry rice (850 yen)
    ・ Olive green curry rice (850 yen)

    We also offer simple curry rice (580 yen) and seafood curry rice (680 yen). 。

    * This photo is Olive beef curry rice.
Fried Chicken 380yen
Would you like it with beer?
Fried takoyaki 480 yen
Both adults and children can enjoy crispy texture on the outside and the creaminess on the inside.
  • Craft Beer
    Craft Beer 600 yen
    Local beer “Sanuki Beer” in Kagawa Prefecture
    Sour and slightly sweet taste.
  • Kölsch
    Light taste and flavor.
  • Super Alt
    Super Alt
    Authentic beer made of plenty of caramel and roasted malt.

Souvenir Shop

  • カフェおうぎや
  • Souvenir Shop is next to the cafe. There are Naoshima’s special souvenirs like Naoshima macaron, dried seaweed (the speciality of Seto Inland Sea).

    レンタサイクルおうぎや We also handles variety goods like accessaries, keychains etc. at Bicycle Rental “OUGIYA”.


Recommended souvenirs

  • Naoshima macaron 
    Naoshima macaron 480yen

     You can buy Café OUGIYA.

    Naoshima mcaronEnough big and filling, colorful cute macaron.
    You can choose the one you like from 5 flavor.
    *Keep refrigerated  

    Flovor: Strawberry, Mattha(green tea), Cocoa, Kinako(roasted soybean flour), Pumpkin

  • Naoshima mcaron
*Contains no preservatives or additives, so please place in the refrigerator after purchase and consume as soon as possible.
Naoshima Macaron Rusks
Naoshima Macaron Rusks 485yen
They looks so cute and popular product as souvenirs.
(salted caramel flavored rusk )
Salted caramel flavored rusk using the salt of Naoshima.
It is crunchy and delicious rusk which goes well with coffee and tea.
Shio Setokan Cookie
Shio Setokan Cookie 485yen
Cookie containing orange peel from Iyokan citrus fruit grown in Setouchi and salt produced in Naoshima. The slight bitterness and the lingering, refreshing fragrance of the Iyokan peel is perfect for afternoon tea.
Shimanori Seasoned and dried seaweed
Shima Nori 1080yen
(Seasoned and dried seaweed)
Special dried seaweed which grow up in Seto Island Sea’s nature.
It is rich in calcium, mineral and iron.
Naoshim Dried Seaweed
Naoshima Dried Seaweed 620yen
It is rich flavor seaweed which grew up in the calm sea of ​​Setouchi.
(flavor: seasoned seaweed, salt, Ichimi-Togarashi(cayenne pepper powder), ume(Japanese plum),wasabi)
Mominori Seasoned and dried seaweed
Momi Nori 520yen
(Seasoned and dried seaweed)
Nori (dried seaweed sheets), which has long been loved and used by the Japanese, is the concentrated embodiment of nutrients from the sea.
In recent years, nori has attracted increased attention for its high nutritional value.


  • Address 2249-40, Miyanoura, Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa, Japan
    Access In ‘The Marine Station Naoshima’.
    ‘Umi-no-eki Naoshima’ is only a short step from Miyanoura-ko port.
    Open 11:00 am-6:45 pm
    Closed Open all year roun.
  • カフェおうぎや