[Notice of closure] Ougiya Rental Cycle
[Closed period] Monday, June 10, 2024 -
Friday, June 14, 2024

All business will be suspended during the above period.
We will resume normal business hours from 8:00 a.m. on Saturday,
June 15. Thank you for your understanding.

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Island inn

We hope you feel 'Naoshima Life' as if you are a islander of 'Naoshima'.

Fresh local dish of Setouchi is provided, and the art and the nature of Naoshima will make you imagine their daily lives. We support you making wonderful memories at Naoshima.
  • 宿 星屑
  • 民宿 おうぎや

  • 民宿トップページ


Naoshima is called a holy place of contemporary art. People have come Naoshima from all around the world.
There are many ways enjoying island hopping of Naoshima, riding a bicycles, nice cars and mountain bikes. You can make special memories with your family and friends.
If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. We hope you can enjoy your days in Naoshima.

  • レンタサイクル:おすすめコース
  • レンタサイクル:手荷物預かり


You can see 'Ferry Terminal Umi no Eki Naoshima' from a port of Naoshima.
Cafe OUGIYA is a corner of the terminal. Snacks and drinks are available in your waiting time.

You can also take them away. We look forward to serving you.
In Naoshima harbor


  • Naoshima Macaroon
    Naoshima Macaron
  • Naoshima MacaroonRusk
    Naoshima MacaronRusk
  • Naoshima Nori
    Naoshima Nori
  • Oyaji no Umi
    Oyaji no Umi

More about the souvenir corner
Please describe the hashtag "#直島めぐり" and the shooting place in the photograph taken at Naoshima and post it to the Instagram. I will introduce nice pictures from official photos I posted to the official website.
Naoshima Map