Most of restaurants are closed before 5pm in naoshima!


Most of restaurants are closed before 5pm in naoshima.

So you might think “where should I eat dinner?”

In naoshima, it’s hard to find gluten free and vegetarian menu.

But our italian restraurant “REGALO” have meat, seafood, vegetable dishes.If you cannot take because of your religion, creed, health or any other reasons, please ask about it. We will suggest you according to the situation.

Of course if you wanna eat only dessert and drink, it’s okay.We have 2 dessert menu.One is assorted desserts and the other is a seasonal dessert.

Our chef went north italy to study traditional italian food. Our restaurant “REGALO” serve real italian food. Also we have good italian and Japanese wine, local craft beer, sake, Japanese whiskey, Japanese plum wine.

Nearest bus stop is tennnoushita.
It takes about 15minutes from yellow pumpkin.
The restaurant “REGALO” is next to our hotel WRIGHT STYLE.
We are looking forward to seeing you.

Make Today Beautiful!


its 🙂Mondays will not be hard if you love your work. If Mondays are hard, you need to do a second thinking.Most people spend their Sunday nights worrying about the week ahead. However, if you choose to do something that you love, then you will never need to worry a day in your Keep getting up on Mondays to reach for your goals. A working day is never going to be a perfect day. However, you can make it a great day by working hard and doing something that you enjoy. Keep in mind, that if you have a positive Monday, then the rest of the week will usually look pretty good.

🎊Happy New Year!! It’s your year so make it a good one!!🌅


  • 👋🏻😊The best time for new beginnings is NOW and we would love to help you find your new beginning, in your perfect home this year. That said, we open the door to 2019 with an eagerness for this year and all of its potential. So do us a favor, come on in, stay awhile and take a tour through our new place at…
  • After all…there’s no place like home.
  • Christmas


    Our simple way of celebrating christmas here in japan. A good bonding with our co workers and staff of rental cycle and cafe and wright style. Happy to share jokes ang talking each other and different culture. From all of the staff of lusso company MERRY CHRISTMAS🌲🎅🏾🎂

    Thank You


    There’s only 10days left this year…
    Please come again to our Rental Cycle!!!😍👍🚲 #直島#naoshima#おうぎやレンタサイクル#ougiyarentalcycle#直島めぐり



    thankyou for renting with us !! i hope you’ll enjoy the ride in naoshima island .
    ✌️😊 #naoshima#naoshimaholiday#直島めぐり

    Naoshima Sunset



    Each day is born with a sunrise
    and ends in a sunset, the same way we
    open our eyes to see the light, 
    and close them to hear the dark.
    You have no control over
    how your story begins or ends.
    But by now, you should know that
    all things have an ending.
    Every spark returns to darkness.
    Every sound returns to silence.
    And every flower returns to sleep
    with the earth.
    The journey of the sun
    and moon is predictable.
    But yours, 
    is your ultimate

    #naoshimaislandsunset 🌙🌅🌄🌉

    Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret


    The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we inhabit are not only critical elements in the quality of life we enjoy – they are a reflection of the majesty of our Creator.



    #rainlastnight ☔️

    A brand-new car!!!


    We have a brand new car rental for 7 seaters.

    Available in Rental Cycle.

    Car : Mitsubishi Delica (7 seaters)

    Time : 9:00-19:00, (Dec. – Feb.) until 18:00

    Price : ¥8000

    Rental for 1 day pack ONLY!!

    (You cannot rent for an hour fee)

    Autumn Festival


    A yearly autumn festival in Miyanoura Naoshima. The community celebrate for the blessings and give thanks to there almighty. They sacrifice to parade the “mikoshi” while the kids is riding on it. They start at the shrine and parade all over of the community of Miyanoura and go back to the shrine.