”Naoshima Art island japan”

  • The Giant Red & Yellow Pumpkin
  • Art Island is famed for its art museums and outdoor sculptures. Most famous is the “giant pumpkin”


    Yayoi kusama Trip to Naoshima Island would be complete without visiting the Giant Pumpkin, by artist Yayoi Kusama.

    The pumpkin is the unofficial symbol of Naoshima, and probably the most popular artwork on the island. It seems to change with its surrounds and is said to even be a different color when the sunsets!!

    Another pumpkin that is worth visiting is the Red Pumpkin, also The Red Pumpkin is located to the Miyanoura Port and is more interactive – you can even climb inside. While it doesn’t appear as photogenic as the Yellow Pumpkin, it’s still a lot of fun. 🥰

    Things to do in Naoshima Art island


    You’re probably thinking just get to the good stuff already!

    But genuinely renting a bike will add to your experience here in Naoshima first and foremost an island in the views is beautiful!!!

    The main transport on Naoshima is via bus.

    Each bus trip cost of ¥100 JPY buses come on average once per hour They can get packed during peak season, and they don’t come too often.

    Naoshima is super hot in the summer, so I’d rather be flying downhills on the bicycle instead of waiting in the SUn!!!☀️ If you rent a bicycle not only can you stop whenever you want, but you can also leave whenever you want and do things on your own schedule.🙂🤔

    Recommendations for Renting Bicycles:


    Bicycle shop & souvenir shop on Naoshima is just across the road from the Miyanoura port terminal, I would HIGHLY recommend renting an electric-powered Assist There are a lots of hills here in the island electric bikes is very popular.

    You’ll probably also enjoy the views much more if you aren’t completely and utterly puffed out (unless you like this, then by all means, go ahead!!)

    Our Business Hours is from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm in the evening.

    •Ougiya Cycle Rental•

    Bicycle prices:

    ELECTRIC BIKE- ¥1000

    6SPEED w/GEAR-¥500


    if you Want to make a Reservation Please Click the Link Below ↙️


    😊Naoshima Island was one of my favorite places here in Japan and I hope you have a wonderful time when you visit here So see you!! 😊🇯🇵☀️